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Do you want wedding photographs that you look back at in 50 years and go "wow"?

Well, that's what I want to give you with my wedding photography!  To give you those images that will look as good to you in the future as they do on the day.

The wedding day is your day and as such I love to get to know you so that I can personalise the photography experience to you. 

I really like meeting up to discuss what we can do to make your experience as memorable as your event.  I love my coffee - so this is always a great place to start if you want to have a chat about what we can do for you.

I could tell you that i have always wanted to be a wedding photographer since i picked up a camera at a young age but that's not really how it happened.   I started photography relatively late in comparison to many others - got bought a DSLR for christmas and decided i should probaly learn how to use it properly.  I took a course and workshop at a local studio and was hooked from that day.  I then got asked to do a wedding and despite the nerves found it to be great fun and something that I wanted to carry on doing so here I am!

Family is important to me (you can see mine in the family gallery) and I'm sure it is to you too so I like to make sure that I get those images of the family and friends both posed and more relaxed.

So, going back to the top of the page, do you want those images?  if you do they give me a call (07912 619639) or drop me an email (andrew@slrphoto.co.uk) and let me see what I can do to make your special day even more memorable.